Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Cookie Pops

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Need a quick and easy treat for Halloween?

These are perfect for classroom treats, Teachers gifts, kids parties, or even an office party.

I made these last week just to see how they would turn out and they were fun to make and delicious!

Who doesn't love an Oreo?  How about a white chocolate dipped Oreo?

The dipping of these cookies takes them over the top into Super Deliciousness land!  I mean sure Oreo's are yummy all by themselves, but I couldn't believe how much better they were when they were white chocolate dipped.  Mmmmm mmmmm

Here's what you need:
12 oz. bag of Wilton white chocolate melters, any color will work but I used white
Lollipop sticks, the skinny ones
Halloween sprinkles

Line a baking sheet with parchment and set aside.

In a microwave safe bowl melt the chocolate melters in 30 second intervals and stir between heating until smooth and melted, this takes about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes total.

Dip the cookies by placing one in the melted chocolate and turning it in a circle to coat the bottom. Then place on a fork and place a generous spoonful of the melted chocolate on top of the cookie.  Tap the excess off the cookie by tapping the fork on the side of the bowl until it is a nice even coating. I did this by trial and error until I got the right method.  BELIEVE me they won't dip if already on the cookie/lollipop sticks they just pull right off the stick. LOL
Set the dipped cookie on the parchment and sprinkle with Holiday sprinkles.

After the chocolate has set up. Press the stick into the end of the cookie.
This was a little messy but fun to make.  I used some cute Halloween tins and filled them with sugar to display the cookies in.  They would also be great just served on a plate without the sticks. If you are making them for treats place a few in a cello bag and tie with a ribbon.
This is a fun activity for kids to make for friends too.  The chocolate, even when melted, doesn't get super hot just warm so as long as there's supervision kids would love to make these.

I got approximately 12-16 Double Stuff Oreo's

Here's the handy printable - Halloween Cookie Pops


  1. What adorable & easy cake pops Michelle! Super cute, great job!


  2. New follower here! Would love it if you would stop by my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and share this post. It is so pretty and I know my readers will love to see it!
    Ducks ‘n a Row

    1. Thanks Sinea! I'll stop over today and link up :) Thanks for following along too!

  3. Michele, Great minds think alike. ☺ I love using candy coating and Oreos/cookies to make simple snacks. Pinning and sharing on my page. ♥ Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa! I love candy coating too! I can't wait to try some of your truffles too :) Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing my recipe :)

  4. That is amazing, fun dipped cookie pops for different occasions.

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