Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More machine embroidery - Thanksgiving

Here is the second design I completed on my machine last night and only just spent the last hour or so snipping the threads and I thought I got them all until I took the picture and noticed a few.  Oh well, back to the snipping. This is another design I bought from Embroitique.

I love the towels I got too.  Bought them at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday for $3.99 ea. and got a variety of colors for fall and winter designs.  Thinking about starting my Holiday projects early this year so I might actually get to enjoy December instead of rushing to make all the homemade gifts I love to make.
Keeping an eye on the machine today so she isn't naughty again :)
Up close and personal....This is a 6" x 6" design.  Perfect for kitchen or bath hand towels.
The whole towel.


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  2. I've been making quilts for twenty years. In that time, I have amassed a huge stash of quilting supplies, books and fabric. Such a huge stash that it was overwhelming at times. Like most quilters, I was both proud and embarrassed by my huge assortment of fabric that I really did plan to use in making quilts. After the discovery, my fabric stash is now about 25% of what it had been and I had to claim a loss of over $5000 worth of damage. The quilts lost were all store-bought, but still valuable to me. It was not a happy morning. here


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