Sunday, July 23, 2017

Bento Lunches

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If you know me you know one of my favorite things to do for my family is cook.  That totally includes packing lunches (and breakfast too some days) for those that go to work or school. I've even been known to throw in a lunch for friends :)

I have always loved serving a variety of flavors at meal time and now that everyone is either back in school or has a job I get to make and pack creative meals for them to enjoy.

These are my new favorite way to pack lunches for the kids and adults in my house.

I am also trying to make easy to prepare and pack lunches.  They shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to make and arrange in your lunch container.
Here are some of the products I LOVE:

My newest obsession is Yumbox sold at Amazon or on the Yumbox website.  They are great for portion control and have two LEAKPROOF lunch size boxes.  They offer a 6 compartment box with five 1/2 cup portions plus dip, a four compartment box with one 2 cup, two 1/2 cup plus dip, a tapas box with four or five larger compartments, and a mini snack box with one 3/4 cup and one 1/3 cup plus dip.  I only have the original three (Tapas is new to me and I'll be getting some soon, lol)
This is the four compartment box.
We use them for a variety of lunches.  Here are some of the ones I've put together.
In the 4 compartment box fits a salad, cubed apples, sliced cheese, mini whole grain crackers (Trader Joe's) and a mini brownie
In the 6 compartment one I put cottage cheese, peaches, strawberries, crackers, celery and carrots, and yogurt covered raisins. 
Here is the 4 compartment with quesadilla slices, salsa with cream cheese (or plain) carrots and celery for dipping in the salsa, mini Chips Ahoy and a individual guacamole.
Another option for the six compartment is an adult Lunchable - Lunch meat rolled up, cheese slices, crackers, celery & bell peppers, strawberries and yogurt covered blueberries. (Yes I had the tray in the wrong box while taking this picture, lol)

There are so many configurations you could use this for while sending your family to school or work. I like the idea of only one container and this one definitely keeps the food where you put it because of the inside rubber piece on the top.

You could do breakfast with eggs, sausage links, toast strips and fruit.
Oatmeal, fruit and nuts, and yogurt.
Dried cereal, fruit, cubed cheese

The lunch and dinner combos go on for days.

Dips, lunch meat, cheese, pizza, salads, sandwich & chips, wraps, burritos, rice, fruit, veggies, snacks, etc. etc. etc.

Hopefully you get some great ideas for sending your family off to school or work with some homemade breakfast, lunches, or dinner Bento style.

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  1. If you put your cut apples immediately into a small bowl of citric acid soda (like 7-up, sprite, or ginger ale, diet is ok too), then drain before packing or using, the apples will stay white. This worked great in an apple salad that I made. A lemon juice based vinegarette would probably also work.


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