Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cherry Limeade

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Now that Winter seems to have just skipped over us and the flowers are all in full bloom it sure seems like the perfect time to try out some Springtime beverages.

One of the flavors I remember from growing up is Cherry Limeade.

It sure brings back the memories when I have a tall frosty glassful of this delicious drink.

I remember playing outside with the kids in the court we grew up on (yes I said playing outside, gasp!) everyday.

Playing outside meant until the sun went down and then some for us.

We used to play Kick the Can (remember that one, or am I dating myself?), Doorbell Ditch (don't play this one, lol), Hide and Seek, hopscotch, etc.

Most of the kids today don't even know what it's like to go out and PLAY outside. Their idea of playing is some form of computer, video game, Tweeting, checkout out Instagram, etc.

I, for one, am thankful I grew up in a time where there wasn't so much technology (as I sit at my computer typing this, lol) but we still really enjoyed our childhood.  I give credit to the fact that we were outside enjoying the fresh air and our friends!

Back to the Cherry Limeade ~ This is a super easy drink to make and you'll put a smile on everyone's face when you make some.

Here's what you need:

1 - 12 oz. can frozen Limeade, defrosted
1/2 cup Grenadine
3-1/2 cups water, cold
2 cups sparkling water, I used target brand cherry limeade sparkling water
Margarita salt or large sugar crystals for the glass rim (optional)
lime slices

Mix everything, except the salt and sugar, up in a pitcher and stir until well blended.

If you are going to rim the glass with salt or sugar pour a small amount onto a plate and set aside.

For rimming the glass with salt or sugar, run a slice of lime around the edge then dip in the margarita salt or large sugar crystals.  Add ice to the glass, fill with Cherry Limeade and add a slice of lime to the rim.

Serve immediately.

Store leftovers (if there are any) in the fridge.
Serves - 6

Here's the handy printable - Cherry Limeade


  1. I remember playing outside all day. We came in for lunch and sometimes stayed inside during the heat of the day. 110 was high heat in West Texas. One day we fried an egg on the sidewalk. Such good times. This cherry limeade would have been perfect for one of those afternoons. Thanks for the memory.


  2. You should bring this over to What'd You do This Weekend?

    This would be a delightful addition.



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