Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 Memory Jar

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I don't much believe in yearly resolutions because most people don't keep them for more than a month.  They are usually about money, weight loss, exercise, etc.

They never seem to be about living a better life, giving more of oneself, making time for family and friends, living more, making memories, etc.

So Jess and I decided to make a Memory Jar for 2013.

We went to Target and bought these large jars, then we got out our scrapbooking stickers and started to decorate.

I used the alphabet stickers to spell out Memories 2013 and then I decide to make each side a four month design using the month names and stickers to represent the holidays that coincide with each month.

You are supposed to add items from the year as you are making memories :)  

Here are some examples.
Go to the movies - add the ticket stub and write who you went with on the back.
Go out to dinner - add the receipt or a business card from the restaurant and who you went with.
Celebrate a birthday - add the invitation or something from the party and a note about the party.
Celebrate a holiday - add something from the day and a note about the celebration.
Go bowling with friends - add the score card or info or print a picture and write on the back.
Go to a sporting event or concert - add your ticket and a note.
Take a trip - add a souvenir or a guide pamphlet. 
Have something big happen - write it down and add it to the jar.

*Make sure you write the date on everything you add to the jar*

On New Year's eve of 2013 we will sit down as a family and read about all the things we did this year.

Have fun making your Memory Jar!

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  1. What a great idea Michelle! I think I will be making these jars for friends' birthday's.
    Have a great day.


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