Monday, December 12, 2011

Pasta with Italian Sausage and Bacon

I am always trying to find ways of incorporating bacon into as many meals as possible.  So I thought why not add it to pasta with Italian sausage and marinara?  Guess what?  It was Delish!  I have made it a couple of times now just to make sure that the first time wasn't a fluke and it wasn't.  Yummy both times.

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Here's what you need:

19oz package sweet Italian sausage (I used Johnsonville)
6 slices bacon, chopped
1-1/2 - 2 jars marinara sauce (I used Ragu)
1 - 2 Tbl. Italian seasoning
1 tsp. granulated garlic
½ tsp. salt
½ tsp. pepper
1 pound Rigatoni, cooked
Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
Slice each sausage into 1 inch pieces and cut the bacon into ½” pieces.  Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add the sausage and bacon.  Cook until completely cooked through, about 10 - 15 minutes, stirring often.  Remove from pan and set aside.  Pour off any grease and discard.
Add the sauce (I used two whole jars but 1-1/2 would have been fine too; depending on how saucy you like your pasta) and the seasoning to the same pan and stir to combine.  Heat until it comes to a simmer then taste.  You can adjust seasonings at this point.  
Add the meat back into the sauce and simmer for 15 minutes.
While waiting for the pasta sauce to finish heat a large stockpot of water on high until boiling.  Add the pasta and cook as directed on the box.  Drain and add to the cooked meat sauce, stirring to combine. 
Serve immediately with a mound of freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top.

Serves 6 - 8


Here's the handy printable - Pasta with Italian Sausage and Bacon

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  1. You're making me hungry! Another excellent recipe! Thanks for linking to Southern Sundays at

  2. this looks so warming and good! thanks for sharing :)

  3. I need to make this when Andrew gets back from his work trip. I am sure he will love this, pinning it!
    Thanks for linking up to our Sunday Round Up link party. Hope to see you again this weekend :)

  4. When you add pasta and sausage you will always be a hit at our house! We hope to see you back next week to our “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Thanks for coming!! -The Sisters

  5. Oh my, you had me at bacon! We have a whole pig on order and I can't wait until we can use it to whip up a batch of what looks like an amazing dish. Thanks so much for sharing on Tout It Tuesday!


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